In all honesty, Prism was a game changer for me. I feel more confident in my dancing now!”


“It is a fun way to grow stronger in your skills and abilities, without getting bored due to the many different exercises available to the participant.”

“I was in the balance group for prism and doing the exercises given, I found that I was able to hold turns or extensions easier and longer than I could before.”

“I think Prism is an amazing way to help you where you need it. I’ve seen a major change in myself! The website is super easy to log in your sessions and get extra help if you need it!S

“It’s been very helpful! It was hard to get motivated at first, but once I got it, I definitely was seeing changes not overnight, but I was seeing them

“Within the first few weeks of Prism I already saw a huge difference. And now, after a long time of doing Prism I can easily say that my balance has increased tremendously and it is very exciting! If you put in the time and effort there’s no way you could ever be disappointed with the results!

“My Prism experience was challenging but worth it. Finding 20 minutes of my day to get off my phone was great. The Prism experience wasn’t easy but seeing my improvements and changes made it easy in the end”


“The workouts are hard, but I think the work is paying off.”


“I have been loving Prism! It is helping me a lot!”

“I was excited to try something new, and it has worked very well.”

“For me, I found it hard to stick to a schedule and to motivate myself to get out of bed when I had the time to do it. I could see that almost every couple of weeks that I was developing new muscles in my weak areas.”


“It was fun and I saw many changes in ballet, and it got easier throughout the weeks.”


“It was something very exciting and new to me. I feel it is very nice to be able to be put in a group to strengthen what needs for your personal experience.”


“I have really enjoyed my Prism experience. I really love how positive and motivating everyone is. And all the motivation makes me want to do my workouts and improve as a team.”

“I have only been in this class for a month and a half, and I enjoyed it so much. When I did the workouts at home, I usually did them with my sister or my mom.”

“My Prism experience was pretty good! There were some weeks harder than others. Some exercises got easier and some didn’t. Prism has helped me a ton in the areas where I needed and I can see and feel the changes! It was hard in the beginning but once I got through a couple of weeks it wasn’t as hard!”

“Prism has helped me a lot! When I started I had a hard time balancing, but now my balance has improved! I’m so happy to be a part of Prism and it really motivated me!”

“Each session gets more difficult. Your body starts to get the movement and improves. I was in core and I can see a change in my holds and balance.”

“It has been great. I am so glad that this program exists and cannot wait to do another session.”

“I love Prism. It really strengthens your weaknesses, and it helps you accomplish anything physical that you want to achieve.”