How long are the workout sessions?

In-person instruction workout sessions are between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The home sessions assigned on the app are between 12 and 35 minutes, depending on the frequency of the sessions assigned.

How long are the programs?

The Team Program is typically 10 weeks, but has been lengthened to 13 weeks and shortened to 6 weeks as determined by the team’s season. The Bridge Program is based upon the length between seasons or holiday break. The Petite and Platinum Programs are scheduled 4 weeks at a time. Our Premiere Program is a little different…our adults often prefer in-person instruction vs training via interactive app. So, the option is to participate in weekly classes or sign-up for 4 week sessions to include the app.

Do I have to have a team, or can I sign up on my own?”

You can absolutely sign-up on your own! You may have the option to join one of our teams that are in-session should there by space in the appropriate module, or you can have 1:1 training with Prism. Pricing will be determined by which route you choose.

What is the ideal age to begin Prism training?

It is our opinion, that any child that is already participating or specializing in a sport or performing art should be training their muscles safely to maximize their peak performance. Prism offers research-based exercises to be performed under supervision to prevent injury.

We have a small team. Can we incorporate more than one specific module?

Prism Programs are customizable for all athletic needs. We encourage you to reach out and let us customize your program.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Research suggests measurable strength changes can occur in 5-10 weeks with consistent training. Flexibility can change every 24 hours based on your activity. This is where the interactive app comes in to play. The app encourages consistency and is customized for each team by Prism.

What is the purpose of pre-testing?

Comprehensive pre-testing is performed using Functional Movement Screen. This screen uses the science of movement to design appropriate exercise programs based on the standardized results. One size does NOT fit all for athletic fitness!

What if I’m sedentary? Would Prism Platinum be appropriate?

Absolutely! The program is customized based on modified pre-testing to ensure safety. The exercises progress as your physical capabilities progress!

Can you come to us?

Prism can travel! We realize that sometimes it is easier for a team to stay put. You will be provided with a list of equipment necessary ahead of time.

What is the app?

Prism is proud to offer a customized interactive fitness app to encourage consistency with exercises and proper technique to avoid injury. Prism assigns workout sessions to each athlete and monitors the compliance closely. Each exercise is accompanied by a video to avoid confusion. The app allows quick and effective communication between the athlete and Prism. Use of the app also encourages a little friendly competition because every athlete wants to be on the Leader Board!