Prism Performance & Physical Therapy was born out of the belief that everyone is an athlete of some form. Whether you perform on a field or stage, at home or in the yard, or even occupationally in a warehouse or on roof. We believe our bodies are meant to be high-functioning machines ­that should be able to excel in whatever we demand of them. At Prism, we strive to not only return an athlete to sport, but also give them the tools needed to prevent re-injuries and the mindset to overcome mental setbacks or hesitations.

Our licensed clinicians all have athletic and/or performing arts backgrounds, which means we have different levels of expertise we can meld. We stay up-to-date with the latest research for exercise and modalities in order to progress our everyday athletes quickly and safely.

Prism not only specializes in return-to-sport physical rehabilitation, but also sports enhancement and injury prevention training. We offer several programs to meet the needs of specific audiences. This includes team conditioning and training, private sport-specific sessions, and group fitness classes. Each session is designed according to specific functional goals of the participant or team. We also offer customized interactive app with the assigned exercises to encourage consistency in training at home.

Guiding Principles

  • We drive unparalleled personal growth while holding the athletes accountable throughout their journey.

  • We lead by example, approaching challenges with positive mindset and attitude.

  • We show kindness to each other and ourselves to develop healthy relationships on and off the field.

  • Committing halfway is not committing at all.

  • Celebrate your wins and be motivated by your losses.

  • You will get there when you get there…focus on progress vs perfection.